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    Default Vegas to Redwood NP

    I am planning a spring vacation with my children - flying to Vegas, driving via Death Valley, Sequoia NP, Yosemite, and Redwood NP and then flying out of San Francisco....any thoughts on unique places to stay, things to do and see would be appreciated.


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    Default US395

    In the Owens Valley area along US395, you might visit what's left of the WWII internment camp. I believe it was called Manzanar, if I'm remembering correctly. Hundreds of Americans of Japanese descent were imprisoned there during WWII. It's important to see what we did to our own in the name of national security. Not much left there now, but it is one of those places that has an eerie feel to it. See <a href = "">for more information</a> .

    The drive up US395 from Bishop is also very beautiful if you like spectacular scenery (I do!).

    You can find information in the articles on this site about the <a href = "">Gold Rush country</a> of northern CA. The 1849 California Gold Rush probably did more to populate the west (not just California) than any other single event. Go see what it was all about! Make it SCHOOL for your kids by forcing them to read the diaries of some forty-niners. (Just JOKING!).

    If you go too early, it is possible to encounter some road closures in the mountain areas, so be aware of that possibility. Bob

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