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    Default Houston to Las Vegas...things to do and see???


    I'm planning a road trip form Houston, TX to Las Vegas. Just interested in seeing what's out there. I'm planning a 5 day trip. I'm thinking about the Grand Canyon, Roswell, Area51, and maybe the Four Corners. If anyone has any other suggestions please pass it on, thanks!!!

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    Default Suggestions

    I'd include Durango, Mesa Verde Natl Park, and Canyon de Chelly (take the guided tour!) if I could. And Monument Valley. I can't BELIEVE Utahtea hasn't suggested the south Utah parks -- so I will. Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands are all right there. In New Mexico, I love the pueblo communities around and north of Santa Fe, especially during Christmas. Go skiing at Angel Fire!

    Also, after Roswell, check out the Lincoln County historical sites near Ruidoso (Billy the Kid's stomping grounds), and visit Smokey the Bear's grave at El Capitan. Yes, he was real and he's got a better monument and resting place than I'll ever have! :)

    There's so much along your route, you'll have trouble deciding what you want to see most.

    Trivia time! Anyone know what "Chelly" in Canyon de Chelly means? Hint: This one will make you laugh.

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    Default OK -- I will bite


    OK -- What is the "funny" meaning of this word? The only meaning I've heard of is that Chelly is a Hispanicized version of the Najavo word "Tseyi" which loosely translates as "among the rocks" or maybe "canyon."


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    Default Exactly!

    Tseyi, or Tsegi, phonetically spelled in Spanish, is Chelly(Shay-yee). Therefore, the Navajo place called Tseyi, becomes, translated from the Spanish to Ingles...
    "Canyon de Canyon."

    Arizona has a couple of landmarks named this way. Picacho Peak is another one. El Picacho becomes Picacho Peak, or "Peak peak."

    We are such idiots! :)

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