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    Default Oklahoma to California Help

    I am planning a trip for Spring Break from Stillwater, OK to California and I am wanting some ideas of fun stuff to do and funny things to see. If you have any ideas please email me at

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Monument Valley

    The light in Monument Valley is awesome in the Spring -- use the search function on this page for more information about visiting this special place.

    Where in California are you planning to go? What kinds of things constitute "funny things to see" -- At SLO the bubblegum wall of fame is certainly odd.

    Hot springs abound on any route from OK --

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    Default Are you a Dr. Pepper fan?

    Odds and ends for your trip planning purposes:

    Dublin, Texas is home to Dr. Pepper and tours are available. Cadillac Ranch just east of Amarillo is certainly worth a gawk or two. If you like old-style neon -- be sure to check out the Blue Swallow motel in Tucumcari.

    The Tombstone area of SE Arizona is a source of plenty of historical yuks, plus some of the most stunning mountains found anywhere in the world. The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz is certainly "off the map".

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    Default Following this route

    If you do take Mark up on his suggestions, also right along the way you'll find Lincoln, NM (the real scene of the Billy the Kid saga), Ruidoso, and White Sands! Bob

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