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    dale Guest


    My friend and i are taking our first road trip from SanFran to Philly. I'd like suggestions on where to go, places to see, routes to take. Any advice will be great We r leaving January 6th. Thankyou

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    Default US 30

    If I were taking this direction, I would drive as much of the route as possible on old US30. It generally follows the route of I-80 in lots of places, so you'd be on and off the interstate here and there. (I-80 replaced US30, just as I-40 replaced US66).

    US30 was the ORIGINAL transcontinental highway -- & was called the Lincoln Highway. It was begun in 1912 and was conceived as a gravelled road, not even paved! It isn't as famous as old 66 is nowadays, but is just as interesting and chock full of American road trip history and kitsch -- and it is the Grandaddy of the American road trip. Do a search on "Lincoln Highway" on the internet, and you'll find plenty of things to see and do along it's length.

    Here's another trivia question for all the really smart road-trippers out there -- what do the Indianapolis 500, the city of Miami (FL), and the Lincoln Highway have in common?

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    Default philly

    hey, i live in atlantic city... i would say visit south street in philly, thats a interesting place. if you dont mind driving another hour atlantic city is only and hour away, just go over the walt whitman bridge and that puts you on the AC expressway... right into AC.

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    imported_ethan Guest

    Default driving from north carolina to los angeles

    i would like to know the safest and faster routes to take from north carolina to los angeles. i'm driving a small car.

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    Default I-40

    Direct, fast, and as safe as you want to make it, with all the usual caveats about good weather and road conditions, take it easy, be sane, etc. Your small car will be fine on any interstate (and in my opinion, on ANY road in the US). The interstates are made for fast movement, and the grades are mild by design. I drove little cars for years, including an MG-B on road trips, albeit short ones. Not the smallest car in the world, but purty littel. WORST problem was I kept getting caught on the bell rope in the Jack-in-the-Box Drive-Thru. :)

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