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    San Fran resident Guest

    Default Quickest way from San Francisco to Chicago ?

    I am planning on moving from San Francisco to Chicago in my car (2002 Altima) in December.

    My aim is to get to Chicago as quickly and safely as possible.

    Would greatly appreciate any pointers/tips or recommendations from experienced folks on this message board.

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default I-80 is the ticket

    I-80 is the fastest and shortest route. (If ground blizzards are predicted the stretch through Wyoming can be a bit loooooong.) If the weather looks questionable I would cut south on I-15 and use I-70 and then due east to Chicago.

    December is pretty early for realy notorius winter weather so I would think I-80 will be fine.

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    Sidd Guest

    Default Road Trip From Phoenix to Chicago

    Hi Everyone

    Could anyone please give me travelling tips for road trip from Phoenix to Chicago. Any advice would be greatly apprecited. It is my first trip and would like to make it a memorable one.



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    Default The scenic route

    I-40/I-44 is probably the quickest route, and an interesting one if you've not done it before (going this way you can see some of old US66 also), but I also like (and recommend) a route north from Flagstaff (on US89 and US160) through four corners and Durango to Denver, or through Monument Valley to I-70 north of Moab via southern Utah, then east through Grand Junction and Denver. Your choice, you'll likely enjoy either one.

    If you'd rather do two-lane roads, another option I like (perhaps one of my favorite roads) is PHX to Vaughn, NM via US60, then US54 to the Mississippi River. From there, either take the Great River Road through Hannibal, MO and up to US30, then the rest of the way on US30 into Chicago, OR instead of the River Road, go through Springfield, IL and see Abraham Lincoln's Home and tomb.

    Two lane roads are slower going because you slow down for every town, so if you're the impatient sort, that kind of travel is not for you. For me, it's almost the only way. I use interstates only to get somewhere and when I am in a hurry not because I like driving them less, but simply because I tend to move too fast and I therefore don't see much!

    This drive is going to take you about 3 days, driving time.

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    peter byass Guest

    Default Drive chicago to san francisco

    Australian couple slow drive to SFO from chicago

    One way rental available??? If so what is a reasonable cost.

    Proposed travel date mid June 2004

    We have heard of delivering cars for companies, has anyone heard of this system??

    We love travelling 2 lane roads, and really love old style American diners, and conversing with the locals.

    Any suggestions!!

    Peter and Virginia Byass

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    Default Yes!

    I looked up one-way rentals for June 2004 with your start and stop points. Advantage advertises a rate of around $840 USD plus taxes, with 500 free miles each day. Miles above 500 carry a per mile charge of .12 ea. National offered unlimited free miles at a rate of about $1225 USD, including estimated taxes. Hertz had the same deal, but at about $1400 including taxes. Alamo had no rate available on the internet - they perhaps will not rent one-way, I don't know. All of these were for a two week rental period and were for mid to standard sized vehicles (charges are by the week, so for 3 weeks just figure 50% more on each total, etc).

    Sometimes you can find driveaway cars -- the delivery deal you mentioned. I believe there is a connection to some of these companies on this site, or you could search on the web for "auto driveaway." You typically have to pay for your own gas and expenses, and you have to "apply" to the company to be a driver.

    On this route, it will be easy to get onto scenic two lane highways. US30 & US40 parallel your route fairly closely.

    I would highly recommend you go south from Denver and wind your way through the Rocky Mountains -- through Leadville, Salida, Monte Vista, Pagosa Springs, Durango, (all Colorado)and into Utah.

    Ride the steam train at Durango, and see Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez, Colorado. Also at Durango, spend an evening with the Bar-D Wranglers (a western chuckwagon dinner, and comedy/music show).

    Monument Valley will be just to the south as you enter Utah, if you'd like to see that. Once in Utah, drive through Hanksville, Escalante and Cedar City -- also see Zion Natl Park to the south of Cedar City. Take SR56 into Nevada, and then US93 to Ely, then take US50 across Nevada to Reno and on to San Francisco from there. Just my suggestion! Bob

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    Default For auto drive away services

    Go to the Road Trip Planning section, click on the selection for "International Visitors" and there are some links under that for these services.

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    peter byass Guest

    Default Bob

    Thanks for the info Bob, those suggestions sound great, just what we both are after.

    Regards, Peter

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    Rocky Royko Guest

    Default going from Vancouver to Dallas end of august, need car

    I'm looking for someone who needs their car moved from Vancouver, B.C. Canada, to Dallas, Texas between Aug. 20th and Aug. 30th. anybody.... anybody!?

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    Sue Guest

    Default Hello from Ireland

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