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    Default PHX to St. Louis and back in mid Dec & early Jan.

    My friend and I are planning to head home to St. Louis from Phoenix for the holidays. We are seeking advice for the roadtrip. Are driving conditions on 40 OK for 2 girls in a mustang? Would it be more beneficial to take the 10? Also what are some good towns to hit on the way to stop and have a cheap beer and a good bite to eat?

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    Default Possibilities

    While you'd probably encounter no problems on I-40, unless a storm happens to hit at precisely the same time as your trip (always a possibility, and it can happen along ANY of these routes), you'd find I-70 to be a better drive and prettier. Were I making this journey, I'd go north to Flagstaff, then across the Navajo Reservation to Kayenta and north into Utah from there. Pick up I-70 at Cisco (take the cut-off along the Colorado River from just north of Moab to Cisco, SR 128) and go east on I-70 all the way to Missouri. Along the way, Flagstaff, Moab, Glenwood Springs, Georgetown are all worth a look. Sleep through Kansas (JUST JOKING) but be sure to stop at KC for BARBECUE!

    There are many other variations possible along this route. You could run up through the Four Corners area and Durango (you ski?). You could go through Santa Fe instead for a mixture of culture, nightlife and history, then north up I-25 to I-70. (At Santa Fe, you might look for Christmas events, festivals, etc, in the area.) You get the idea. While I-40 or I-10 could get you there, I think you'd find the I-70 route, and getting to I-70, more fun!

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