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    Default San Diego to New Orleans

    I am taking my little brother on his first roadtrip...he's 21. I know, he'll learn. We are taking the southern route going through El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, and casually over to New Orleans for christmas. We are looking for unique places to stay, eat and drink. Im looking for nice back roads, little towns, history...


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    Default mmmmm

    I guess the southern route is not popular these days. I know there is something in Texas...Isnt there a city called Dallas?


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    Default Starlight Theatre

    Best saloon for good grub, western music and characters can be found in Terlingua, near Big Bend National Park.

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    Default Bisbee, AZ

    You might try Bisbee for a night's lodging -- it is a former mining town on Arizona's southern border. I recommend the Inn at Castle Rock, a small privately owned hotel with a bit of rustic charm and a friendly proprietor. (I have not stayed with them in recent years, so my information may be outdated, but it was great there last time I checked). Bob

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