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    Default Natural Bridge VA

    If your looking for a great place to came for a couple of days i recommend Natural Bridge VA. The main attraction is a natural bridge but there is also some caves to explore a haunted house a wax museum and a toy museum..

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    Default Are you a resident?

    Thanks for letting us know about Natural Bridge, VA. I looked around the <a href = "">website<a/> some. Are you a resident or a business owner or a visitor? How large is the Toy Museum?

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    Will Brown Guest

    Default Natural Bridge VA

    I was just a visitor there I think its a great spot to vist and the toy museum is pretty big not to fancy but it has a lot of toys..

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    Default Nat. Brid.

    Went there a couple of years ago, and then drove along US-11 (which goes over the Natural Bridge), past VMI (they had football practice going on), and we toured some of Lexington.

    The Jefferson and Washington National Forests are such a beautiful area...

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