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    Default TRAVELING ON RT. 50 and RT. 20

    My wife, my son, and I are planning a West Virginia to California and back drive next May. We were planning on driving on sections of RT. 50 West and RT. 20 east. We want to enjoy the drive, which is why we arent taking many interstates, but we do have some time constraints. (2-2.5 weeks) Thus we planned to take interstates to Kansas City going west and from Omaha going east. Are there any sections west of those places where taking the intertate will save a bunch of time with minimal cultural loss? Also, not including stopping for interesting places, what kind of time can you make on the roads? (speed limits not a factor, just road quality, traffic etc. Please be as specific as possible)Anything you could tell me about the whole trip idea in general or anything else you can think of would be fantastic. Thanks

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    Default Two weeks?

    If you plan to drive that distance in two weeks -- I strongly suggest you consider using more of the Interstate highway system. The Interstates are easier to navigate and, in most places, quite scenic.

    If were to be on the road seven hours each day, you could average 52 mph on the Interstates (with speed limits ~ 70 mph) and about 46 mph on the lesser arterials (like US RT-50). These averages include stops for fuel and food. If were to drive non-stop for seven hours on most western Interstates you can expect to achieve closer to 64 mph.

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    Default I agree

    You are going to spend all of your two weeks driving. I personally would stay on I-70 across Kansas and Colorado. You will be picking up I-70 in Utah anyways.

    Unless you have to come all the way to California...I think I would spend more time in Colorado and Utah and forget about Nevada and California.

    I haven't done that much traveling on Hwy 20.


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