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    Dan Hodgson Guest

    Default Driving from Monterey, CA to Tampa, Florida

    Making the trip just prior to Christmas - not alot of time to stop and enjoy along the way. But, would like to know the "must-see" spots along a Southern Route.

    Please recommend a route and some good spots to see.

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    Default Suggestions

    Dan, run a search on this site for the different areas along your route, and you'll pull up TONS of info on this route. Search on Arizona, Texas and New Orleans, for example. There is so much, you'll have to pick the ones that seem most interesting to you since you have limited time. Highlights along this route are the Grand Canyon, historical and cultural sites in New Mexico (as well as some significant Natl Monuments), San Antonio, New Orleans and the white sand beaches of Panama City, FL.

    A suggested route is pick up I-40 at Barstow, take (very scenic) US180 south from Holbrook, AZ to Deming, NM and I-10, then east on I-10, jumping off on US98 at about Mobile, AL and following the gulf coast down to Tampa. This is a fairly quick and direct route. Bob

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    imported_Justin Guest

    Default My favorites

    I would go through El Paso and eat at the stateline BBQ just off the 10. San Antonio and Austin TX are good stops. Ive drivin the southern route through New Orleans. You can hit Avary Island (Tabasco Tour).

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