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    Sweens Guest

    Default Anybody have a phone number?

    We are driving through Arizona in December and are planning to have a fun night for the kids at the Wigwam Motel on Rte. 66. I have a number that was published in a travel guide but it seems to be wrong and I'd like to make reservations. Anyone have a good number? They don't seem to have a web site.

    Also - for anyone who's stayed there, what kind of accommodations do they have? There are two adults, two children (10 and 5) and a baby; we have a portable crib (PackNPlay) for him. Will we all fit? We'd like a room with 2 queen beds, or at least 2 doubles.


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    Mac Guest

    Default Wigwam Motel - info

    For reservations and general information please send e-mail to: or you can write or phone to:
    Wigwam Motel
    c/o Elinor Lewis
    104 N. 8th Ave.
    Holbrook, Arizona 86025
    United States
    (928) 524-3048

    I hope this helps.

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    Sweens Guest

    Default Thanks, Mac, and a Wigwam web site

    Mac, thank you! The book I was using had the wrong area code. I called last night and made my reservation. I assume I was talking to Chester Lewis; he was quite a character, very friendly, and I'm looking forward to meeting him. I told him we were coming from CT, and he asked about the Connecticut River. Seems he has a great-great-something grandfather who fought out here in the Revolutionary War. He was discharged at the ripe old age of 17, and of course then there were no bridges across the CT River, so he swam across go get back home. During the swim, he lost his discharge papers, but years later when he lived in Indiana or Illinois (I don't remember which), he was able to get proof of his discharge and from then on enjoyed his Army pension of $96 a year.

    I am looking forward to meeting this guy!

    By the way, I was unsuccessful with the web site you gave me, but the "official" Wigwam Motel web site, according to Mr. Lewis, is: which also leads to

    Thanks again for your help. We'll be getting our kicks on ole Route 66!

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