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    Joecar Guest

    Default Cleveland

    Please give me a nice tourist spot in Cleveland. I'll be driving from PA to IL and I'd like to make a stop over in this city. Thank you.

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    Default Three things

    Are you a football fan? If so, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is at Canton, a few miles south on I-271/77.

    Also, there is Sea World of Ohio in the SE outskirts of Cleveland.

    Finally, if it were me, my first choice would be to head over to Sandusky and visit the islands in Lake Erie nearby. A few years back, there was scheduled air service out to these islands (North Bass, Put-In-Bay, etc) which utilized 1920s-era Ford Tri-Motors. I doubt they still use the Fords, but I'd bet the air service is still available. The outfit was written up in National Geographic years ago.

    The Cedar Point Amusement Park is also at Sandusky, if you're interested in those.

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    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

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    Joecar Guest

    Default sea world

    is it still there?

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    Default Perils of using an old map...

    Thanks for asking.... I see information posted on the web that it is NOT open -- it was reportedly sold by A/B in 2001. I don't know what the property is being used for now -- perhaps someone else can provide that info.

    Sorry for the bum steer! Bob

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    Ray Guest

    Default Cleveland

    Six Flaggs bought Sea World and Geauga Lake Park (they are across the lake from each other) and combined them into one park. Closed this time of year.

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    Will Brown Guest

    Default Cleveland

    The rock'n roll hall of fame is good place to visit.. and the Quacker stake and Lube is a great place to eat..Lot of party night life in the Flats in cleveland

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