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    Marc Broz Guest

    Default Where is it nice in November

    My best friend and I are planning to take a little road trip in late November. We have a hotel in pretty much any state we want to go, and we were just wondering, what cities are really fun to go to in late November? I don't know if it is too late to go in the water or too early to ski or what, we're young and dumb. Thanks.

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    imported_Linda Guest


    If you are in to Off-roading... Death Valley is always neat!
    If you want more action and city fun... Las Vegas is the place to be...

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    Default Or...

    You might try the Texas gulf coast and San Antonio -- I think they are cool places to go. Lots of history, beaches and Texas night life is always fun. You could even keep going up the coast and end up in New Orleans!

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