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    Default Need advice for the trip from SF to Atlanta

    Planning for a first road trip from San Francisco to Atlanta by end of October. Have to complete the trip within 6 days or 7 days. Was wondering whether someone could suggest some good scenic route to get there.

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    Default Go THIS way...

    I planned this same trip a few months back but didn't get to take it -- here's how I would have gone. Take US50 across Nevada, then work your way south into southern Utah and see as many of the National Parks and Monuments there as you have time for (Utah 12 and 24 between Cannonville and Hanksville is an especially beautiful drive, south central part of the state). Continue on toward Durango and across southern Colorado -- this route is beautiful and I especially like the Pagosa Springs area. You can turn south into northern New Mexico at this point, or continue on east, working your way across Kansas or Oklahoma toward Little Rock, Arkansas. From there, it is an easy direct across to Atlanta. There are many options for great scenery in any state between SFO and the Great Plains -- so the above is meant as just ONE good option. Bob

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