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    I will probably be driving a total of about 8,000 miles. How much would it be for gas?

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    Default What are you driving and where?

    The length of the trip is only one variable. Also need to know the average mileage for your vehicle, what states you will be in (large differential) and road conditions expected.

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    Don't forget to add in driving style (aggressive, assertive, passive, indecisive), cruise control or not, frequency of stops, when this trip is happening (price fluctuations as well as weather), condition of vehicle, etc.

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    Don't you know that everyone is a great driver?? Courteous and with feet like feathers... :)

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    Anyhow, as the others mentioned, there's a lot more to "how much will it cost?" than just the distance you are driving. A few simple calculations will give you the answer you require. Same goes for "how long will it take?" If you know how fast you will be driving, approximately, and how many miles you are willing to drive each day, you can easy and quickly calculate the length of time your trip will take.

    Happy trails!

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