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    Default Recommended hotels, T'giving wknd

    We are leaving CT for a cross-country trip (see "Early Winter Thru the South" thread) on Nov. 28, the day after T'giving - after my wife hits the 5AM door-buster sales. :-)

    We plan to drive to Gettysburg and should arrive around 1:30 or so, giving us enough time to at least see part of the park. I'm looking for placed to stay in/around Gettysburg. Their Visitor's web site has a large list of places, but I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations (positive or negative) to help me narrow my choices. I realize the Thanksgiving weekend may hamstring us a little, but I need something.

    Preferably, I'd like inexpensive, but an indoor pool would be great for the kids (definitely NOT a necessity). On a bit of a budget.

    Next morning we plan to make our way south toward the Smokies, but will probably stop somewhere in southern VA. Any recommendations on places to stay there? Thanks for any input.

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    Default Gettysburg

    There are a fair amount of places around and near Gettysburg. Nearby Emmitsburg, MD and Carrol Valley near Fairfield, Pa. which has the Ski Liberty Resort are some. With kids Carrol Valley might be a good choice. Sounds like too fast a trip to really enjoy the Park and it's history. If you plan to go down Skyline Drive there are some nice places in the Park but the drive is time consuming.

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    Default Places

    Gettysburg proper is a beautiful area, the outskirts are more Anytown, USA; as such, the major lodging chains are represented quite well. That weekend may indeed hamper availability, if not, then possibly the price of rooms.

    In Virginia (my home away from home and possibly future home) I also highly recommend Skyline Drive. I also recommend Shorty's Diner on US-250 in Staunton, or Wright's Drive-In on US-11 also in Staunton (the best banana shakes), while you're passing through.

    Wytheville, VA has a lot of interesting history related to the Civil War. There's a walking tour you can take to see many of the Antebellum homes in the town. The area is more coal country, however, so places to stay may be a little more difficult to find.

    Good luck and happy motoring!

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    Default RE: Gettysburg

    I'm not sure what your price range is, but there is a great B&B right in the middle of town. It is called Farnsworth House. My husband and I stayed there for a night about 2 years ago. They were so nice to us, there is a great dining room and they have ghost stories and seances in the basement theatre (the Mourning Theatre) at night. It is a true experience. Even if you don't stay there, have a great time in Gettysburg!

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    Thanks for the tip!

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