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Thread: Where to go?

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    Tristia Guest

    Default Where to go?

    Im on the east coast and my boy friend and i want to go on
    a winter road trip... but we dont want to go anywhere
    expensive... ie: florida

    nothing with an amusement park, we don't really do rides:)

    where should we go?

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    Actually, depending on what you do, Florida isn't too expensive. I spent a week on Pine Island a couple of years ago and I was unemployed! Nothing like laying on the beach in the beginning of March, while back at home a blizzard was hitting hard.

    If you don't mind the cold, then that opens up your options quite a bit. If you're looking to escape it, then you'll be more limited.

    Since you don't do amusement parks, that will keep the costs down significantly. What are your interests? Keep in mind in order to have a good time, you'll have to include things that you both enjoy (not necessarily mutually), to stave off boredom.

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    Default Where To Go

    If you can I would suggest getting on US 13 across the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge and then onto to US 17 South and meander down thru Myrtle Beach and South towards Charleston & Savanah. If you do Georgetowne, SC I highly recommend the Harbor House B&B, a delightful hostess and lip smacking food and a beautiful historic area.

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