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    Default Road Trips throughout Costa Rica

    As a life long road traveler, I am stoked to see a site that helps people realize the wonders and beauty of the "Road Trip". I always told myself I did not want to see any other areas of the World until I saw my entire Country. Well, I checked off all 50 states 3 years ago with a 9 state roadtrip to the Pacific Northwest. It was wonderful, and I finally felt I could travel abroad. So I bought a ticket to see an old friend who had moved to Playa Jaco, Costa Rica in 1996. Having majored in wildlife ecology and ecotourism, it took all of 3 days to decide I was moving. Now after 2 years of working and traveling in Costa Rica, I want people like yourself to be able to discover the amazing scenery, wonderful sights, and friendly people of this small central american country. contact me for and happy travels

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    Cool! I've always wondered what it would be like to move to a foreign country and subscribe to a couple of expatriate informational blogs. I have also read with interest several weblogs that chronicle roadtrips from the US through South America and back. Fascinating. I would love to have the time and money for such an adventure! Nice to know if I ever get to do it, that some help may be available on this board. Welcome!

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