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    Default I want to discover America

    I am planning on going on a road trip this spring and just exploring. I want to take my car and a ton of clothes, a movie camera and a ton of writing tablets. Other than that, I don't think I need too much. I don't have a specified time that I plan to be away, and I just want to look for America. My life has gotten kind of boring, and I want to put myself at the mercy of others. If I find some cool people to crash with or some ladies to spend the night with, then I have a place to stay. Other than that, I have a tent, and I'll stay in it. Any suggestions as to what to see, what towns are cool, and if I should avoid any certain areas. I'm going from Missouri to California, and probably going through Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico on the trip back home. I have a few friends here and there across the country that I can stay with. I'm just looking for suggestions. Thanks.

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    If you have unlimited time and no real budget concerns, I would stay off the interstates and focus on the 2-lane highways that bring you into small towns and let you see how people live.

    I would avoid hotel/motel and restaurant chains. Eating and sleeping at locally-owned, mom-and-pop establishments should help give you a taste of small-town America. I would eat at the counter, if available, instead of a table so that I can more easily engage in conversation with the waitress and other customers to learn more about the town and area you're in.

    I would purchase local newspapers and read about local issues and events in the small towns I'm staying in. If I saw information on a local festival, fund-raising supper, or other event, I would attend and see how people interact and just plain do the things they do. And some fundraising events have great food, good company, and are reasonably priced as well.

    I would also get a national park pass and explore some of our natural wonders. I have never been anywhere I hated being. Even less beautiful or inviting areas can be interesting so I'm no help on what to avoid. And why avoid anything? Be open.

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