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    This spring break, mid-april, me and a few friends want to go on a road trip. From San Diego to whever we can get to (and bakc to SD). We would like to hit the South Western and maybe Southern US (at least AZ and NM, maybe TX, CO, NV, UT, LA, etc). We'll be on the road about 12 days.

    SO, what are some interesting places we should hit, or at least think about. We've already got some ideas, but your input would help.

    Also, about how far do you think we could get (and back) in about 12 days? Thanks.


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    Default Just depends

    You can get to the East Coast and back....or just to Arizona depending on stops, driving hours, etc. Personally, if I were you, I would do a bit of research on Route 66 and enjoy some of the remains of that road and some of the old tourist spots along its route. Meteor Crater is a good one. Gallup, NM, is fun...don't miss the El Rancho Hotel, Home of the Stars! Utah has some wonderful parks (Canyonlands, Arches, to name just 2). It's hard to give advice when I have no idea what your interests are.

    I would just recommend contacting the state tourist offices and requesting their packets of information and/or visiting their websites. Making a list of must-see things and going from there.

    I wouldn't overplan. I like your "wherever we end up" philosophy. I think that leaves the door open to explore whatever grabs your fancy while tripping along the road which is the essence of a great roadtrip, IMHO. If you don't make it to a couple of "must-see" places, they will always be there in the future.

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    Well, just see where you are in 6 days, and then turn around!! If you split up the driving, you can get over 1000 miles/day easy, but that doesn't leave much time to do anything else.

    For the Southwest, there's so much to see that you probably won't want to come further East...Utah has an awesome collection of natural wonders, the previously mentioned as well as Zion and Bryce Canyon, etc. Go to to check out more (if that's your fancy). Another good resource is Arizona Highways magazine, especially if you're into hiking.

    At that time of year the weather may not be ideal for traveling some states (here in New England it can either be 90 or snowing in April, I know CO is even worse), especially if you've never driven in snow before.

    My preferences would be (in no particular order): Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Red Rocks, Canyonlands, and if you make it this far, US-66 outside of Amarillo for the Cadillac Ranch.

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