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    Default Trying to find things to do on the way to Boulder,CO

    I am trying to plan a trip starting in Austin, TX and finishing in Boulder, CO. I am having a lot of trouble finding the best route and also fun attractions along the way. We are particularly interested in natural sites, museums, and local (interesting, not chain) places to eat. I have 3 days to make the trip and 2 days on the way back. All suggestions welcome...

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    Default Ideas

    You really don't have a lot of time for exploring with only 3 days to get to Boulder, CO.

    How about a side trip to Carsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. Take I-10 to Van Horn and drive up thought Guadlupe Mountains National Park to Whites City, NM. Also in the area is White Sands National Monument and then head up I-25 to Boulder.

    On the way back, if you only have 2 days to drive the almost 1,000 miles, so that doesn't leave you much site seeing time. You might consider a quick stop at Pikes Peak just west of Colorado Springs, CO.

    If you don't want boring then I would NOT drive across Kansas!


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    Default Tsk, Tsk, Tsk


    I am surprised you don't like traveling thru Kansas. There is plenty to see and do there. Plus, it is a great place to storm watch!

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    Default I think the reason

    is we got tired of being blown from one end of the state to the other. Both times we've crossed the state we've had such high winds it made it uncomfortable to travel in our RV.


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