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    Jenifer Guest


    I will be driving from Florida to Massachusetts in October with my 7 year old son. I am looking for ideas of places to visit along the way - scenic, interesting, fun....anything that isn't too far out of the way. I am looking to make the trip in 3-5 days and on a minimal amount of money. Any suggestions for routes and/or places to visit?

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    Brandon Guest

    Default Hmm...

    I must say Jen,

    I have made this trip. I live in CT and from Fl to Mass is a tough hall in 3 days. 5 is better but still crunching a little considering meal times and sleep times.

    I would stop at Myrtle beach,SC. tons to do a Broadway and the beach. Good food and a good place to rest for a day. As a matter of history, Stopping at Arlington National cem. would be good and purhaps the world war monuments.

    Good luck and drive safe. Keep in mind with a 7 year old he/she will get antsy, bring plenty of toys.

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