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    Default new york-sanfran- 2 girls in 20's

    We are looking to find people with similar travelling interests and a car preferably. We intend to travel through the month of October. We want a trip that will allow us to see more than the typical bus/train routes .We intend to keep the trip as cheap as possible -camping it/cheapo hostels etc and eating butter sandwiches(though i have to say -not all the time). a few places we'd like to see are nashville /memphis/new orleans/vegas/baha/then move up along the coast to san francisco and all those othe little towns/villages that make america that bit more interesting.

    Can anyone recommend any extremely cheap bus tours/coaches/we could try if we cannot find friends??

    thanks alot for your advice

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    If I was you and didn't have a car, I would consider traveling with the Green Tortoise at

    They may not have tours going to the specific places you want but it sure sounds like a hoot!

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