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    Default Tight on time but NEEDING a transcontinental trip!

    Alright. I have about 11 days in September. I need to get to Vegas, stopping in Texas and California on the way. I only need a day in Vegas, then I can hop on a plane home to Washington, DC. My big issue is time. I'm going with a large group (3 other girls) so we'll probably be switching drivers every 4 hours or so. Does this make sense? Will we be able to drive non stop to Texas? Has anyone tried this before?

    I heard about the people who went from Texas to Alaska in 6 days. That gives me some hope!

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    If you have 4 drivers and really drive in four-hour stretches (actually it is far safer to switch every three hours) and INSIST THAT AT LEAST TWO of the "off" drivers are sleeping, you can "easily" travel coast to coast in under three days. I have personally done it a number of times with two drivers, but it is brutal on the body. We stopped only for fuel -- ate when the car "ate".

    From your message it is hard to figure where you are starting this adventure from.

    But I caution you -- if the "off-time" drivers stay awake to watch the scenery as it unfolds -- your plan is flawed.

    If you have eleven days -- you have sufficient time to slow down and enjoy the drive.

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