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    Default Roadtrip.. well sorta!

    K Here's the thing we're driving to Florida in mid august (3 chicks), and personally i'm all in it for the trip not the destination! So i just wanted to know some really cool non touristy sites along the way.. You know incredible little places that you'd never know of if you looked at an atlas.... Detroit Michigan looking for some excitement til daytona florida! Does anyone have any ideas?? please share bring on the good times!

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    Default It is ALWAYS about the trip!

    There is a book you should consider getting a-hold of -- Every year Dave Hunter drives I-75 between Detroit and the Florida border to update his "Along I-75" road guide. It is a gem and provides many insider tips about cool places to check out. For instance do you know where you can sample the top rated hot dog in America? Exit 9 off I-475 in Macon, Georgia is the spot. Or maybe the "Body Farm" made famous in Patricia Cornwell's novel is more to your taste. In any case, my review of the book is on-line at

    There are some fun bars in Gainesville, where I know "3 Chicks" will always be welcome. One of our favorite places of great meal is just down the road from the University -- Ivey's Grill (

    Have fun!

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