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    Default Camping "down south"

    I am planning a driving/camping trip to begin about Sept. 21 going from New Hampshire. I would like to visit Tennessee, Georgia (where I have family) and anywhere in between and back that catches my fancy.

    I would like to be home by mid-November. This is my "mid-life" adventure at 43. Going it solo due to finances and jobs.

    I would love to camp but wonder if I will find sites open in late Oct. and early Nov. I'm not worried about the cold. When you camp in New Hampshire it is always cold :-)

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Year-round camping

    Although some of the campgrounds near your starting point, will be closed when you hit the road, most in the southern sections are open year round.

    David Sweet's has some good information (if you can bypass the ads and nonsense).


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