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    Carl Guest

    Default anyone done it?

    I was planning on going from Glacier NP through southern British Columbia to Vancouver and then to Nothern Cascades NP and then Seattle. Is the drive through BC a good one? If I don't do it, I was going to go from Glacier to Portland, OR and skip Seattle altogether

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    Default Not nearly as spectacular as Northern Washington

    Southern BC has a lot to recommend it. In particular Nelson and Fairmont Hot Springs. Beautiful evergreen forests and stunning lakes. By all means go to N. Casades NP and follow route 20 over the Cascades into Mount Vernon. Seattle is a beautiful city, in my view more appealing that Portland.

    If you decide to give Seattle a miss, I would urge you to consider Sandpoint and Couer d'Alene and then the highway that skirts the edge of the Columbia River.

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    Going from Glacier through NO ID and NE WA would be a great roadtrip. I'm not real familiar with Idaho but I think some don't miss spots in NE WA are: Grand Coulee Dam, Dry Fall, Leavenworth, Lake Chelan, Winthrop, and the North Cascades Hwy to Mt. Vernon as the Editor already suggested. Have fun!

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    John F. Guest

    Default N Idaho/NW Montana/BC

    If you have time, take a few back roads around Libby, MT.
    Very lush vegetation. The road from Thompson Falls, MT to where it meets up with I-90 west of Kellogg, Id is one of my family's favorite day trip roads (we live just north of Coeur d' Alene, ID). If you head to Nelson, BC, be sure to take the free car ferry across Kootenai Lake, beautiful scenery.

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    Bryan Guest

    Default Seattle Vs. Portland

    While I don't want to turn this into a fued, driving through the columbia river gorge, past dozens of falls on 84 including mutlnomah falls, and ending up in Portland is one of the best drives around. Seattle is a larger city than Portland, however, in my opinion, not large enough to be rated an international city like LA, Chicago or New York. It has no more interesting features than Portland, and much more traffic and sprawl. If you go to Seattle, check out Pike Place and perhaps the ethnic areas. If you choose Portland, head out to the saturday market (on sundays too) the japanese garden (best this side of the pacific), the rose gardens and for events. I also recommend the advertising museum, zoo, trolley, mcmennamin's pubs, the town Seaside and Ecola sp. I've been living in Portland for nearly two years and still have not discovered all there is to do, but there is something for everyone in this large city with a small town atmosphere.

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    Default We get testy but never really feud here

    Portland is a fun city. Also home to some of the finest bakeries in the land. Grand Central Bakery is always one of our first stops:

    St. Helens is another town (nearby) that is worth a visit.

    What/where is the Advertising Museum?


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