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    I am planning a U.S. roadtrip for summer 2004. 2.5-3 months on the road, with no itineraries. Life is good, right? Wrong, my buddy backed out on me already, and I do not wish to travel alone. I am simply not comfortable with the idea.

    So, on the off-chance I can't find another buddy, I want to take an organized tour either around the U.S. or around the world. The trouble is, I'm can't seem to find tours that last 2-3 months. And those that I can find are only, say, a tour of the Southwest or a tour of England. I can't find an all-encompassing tour anywhere. Help! If you know of a company that does such tours please let me know. Thanks.

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    Default Probably not a lot of demand in the US

    There are firms that set up travel itineraries for road trippers, but I doubt there is much demand for a trip that lasts more than a month. One such firm, that supplies RV's is

    Actually, there are bus companies that could provide such programs. How many people do you want to travel with? I know of firms that cater to German tourists that use buses equipped with sleeping berths and those tours cover vast areas of the southwestern USA.

    TrekAmerica specializes in 3-week trips (for the 18 to 38 year old traveler) and uses 12-person vans.


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