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    Lyrana Guest


    I was talking to my boyfriend about how I want to document my solo roadtrip, and perhaps even create a website about it. But then he asked how I'd write a journal while driving or if I'll have enough energy to do it when I stopped for night. Admittedly, I knew I wouldn't be able to. So the next day he gave me a mini-disc recorder with a mic that I can attach to my shirt. It's such a great idea, because then I can talk about my trip while driving, and re-type it when I get home. So for all of you that want to remember your experiences, I recommend getting a cassette or disc recorder!

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    kristy Guest

    Default mini recorder

    i also use one to record what i want to remember as i am driving so i can journal it later. and then when i am bored or feeling the urge to use my cell phone i will record myself singing at 1/2 speed and play it back at full speed(or vice versa) it is totally retarded i know, but gives me a laugh when i am starting to feel lonely on the road. i have also had strangers i meet and talk to say hi

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