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    I will be coming down from Medford, Oregon to Redwood Nat'l Forest. From there I was planning on driving all the way down the coast to San Francisco. From there I want to go to Yosemite and then Sequoia. But I've read here and heard elsewhere not to miss the drive from Monterrey south to LA. What should I do here? Monterrey is so far back west from Sequoia. Is it really worth the drive, or will I get a good dose of Pacific coast driving from Redwood NF to San Francisco? Appreciate your insight!

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    Default Starting in Medford by way of Glacier NP?

    Which leg of the journey is this one?

    How long are you allowing to drive the distance from Eureka to San Francisco? It is an awesome drive, but slow. It is an extremely long one-day drive. Much more pleasant in two or ten... Best vegetarian food -- in Mendocino at the Ravens --

    San Francisco to Yosemite is no problem, except that traffic congestion around the park will be interesting.

    Sequoia NP is another day (minimum)

    Where are you going after Sequoia? If you are returning north, you could pick up the Big Sur run. But to answer your question, the Big Sur is unlike any coastal roadway in the world. Some might characterize it as more of the same, (as the north coast area) but every area is unique. Again the road from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo requires nearly a full day.

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    Carl Guest


    Well from Sequoia I was "considering" going back to Monterrey and then doing the Big Sur drive. But it's such a backward drive that I'm not sure if it's worth it. If I don't do that drive, I will be heading straight south to LA. If I do the Big Sur drive, I will take it all the way from Monterrey to LA. Is it worth the swithback?

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