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    Im from the UK. Fying to san fran and planning on ending up in vegas. Suggestions for a route so i can see some cool stuff on the way. Would really want to drive down highway 1 if possible. Have about 5 days to spare travelling

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    Five days will give you a lot of flexibility! For starters I would suggest taking US-101 down the west bay and cross over the Coastal range on CA-Highway 17 into Santa Cruz. The boardwalk in Santa Cruz is very cool and the Surfer's Memorial at the Point provides a magnificent place to watch some of the world's best surfers in action.

    Picking up CA-1, stop in at the Monterey Aquarium and then do the Pebble Beach loop. It winds around the penisula and will see sea otters and sea lions playing the surf.

    Returning to CA-1, if you like art -- Carmel is one of the leading contenders for trendy places to wander around art galleries in America.

    Big Sur is the stretch of coastline from Carmel to San Simeon. Marvelous views and striking cliffs. Can be slow going, but only a fool rushes through paradise.

    At San Simenon -- visit the world famous Hearst Castle or watch the pelican feeding frenzy on the beach.

    Cayacos is one of my favorite beach towns. Visit and you may learn why.

    Bubblegum wall at San Luis Obispo is vintage Americana (if a little bit disgusting!)

    Santa Barbara is pretty cool and Solvang is a favorite stop of many of the posters on this forum.

    Los Angeles, Hollywood, -- plenty here.

    Route 66 to Barstow and then I-15 to Las Vegas

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