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    I don't work for a chain any longer, but I used to work for Marriott, however I can kind of give you a rough idea as to what you may be spending. Keep in mind that if you have the Entertainment card or a Saver's Club card, USE IT!

    Most chain hotels you can talk down in rates. Try it, it's like asking for something less at a yard sale. "Think....Will you take any less for this, or...I'll give you ten cents for that fifty-cent item."


    Anyways...Depending on the quality you're willing to pay, perhaps 59 to 79 for a room, half that perhaps for a half-day. Some hotels will go down to 39 or 49 and if you're really lucky some dives you can get for 29. If you're looking on the upper-scale, plan on spending anywhere from 89 to 149 or 159, with really nice rooms even going up to 209 or more.

    If you have AAA, use it, if you have Entertainment Card, use it...if you have Saver's Club, use it...other than that, try to haggle them down, but don't be dissapointed if you get to a popular location on a friday or saturday and they can't give you a discount, some places and discounts are available only on the hotels availabity..(meaning, how full they are.) If they are busy, expect to pay more, if they are incredibly slow, talk them down. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!

    I posted this here intsead of emailing it incase the info is helpful to anyone else.

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    Default Tips

    Thanks for posting your tips and suggestions.


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    Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the info... I will soon be road trippin through the states so im sure it will come in useful. The only thing I don't understand is about Club Cards and Entertainment Cards... What exactly do they do? Where can they be purchase from? Im English so Im new to the American Way!!!

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    The entertainment and savers club cards are basically a big book of discounts that you buy. It costs, I don't know maybe forty-five dollars, maybe less, I don't remember. Anyway, you purchase these books, they come with a card, and you can use that card basically anywhere. Most hotels are fifty-percent off, you can use them at some theme parks, some resturaunts, museums, and other places like that.

    I'd just do a yahoo! search for them, you might be able to find a actual website for each one.

    Let me know what you find!

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    Default Another suggestion

    Another good resource for getting cheap motel rooms is to pick up a regional interstate coupon book. You can find them for free at most truck stops, gas stations, and restaurants along the freeway. I've found they can usually get you significant discounts, just watch for the fine print like blackout dates and number of people the rate includes.

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    That's definately a good idea too, though sometimes coupons like that are difficult for a front desk clerk to figure out how to use, especially if it's one that they don't use very much. So if you do use one and you happen to get a not-so-smart front desk clerk, you may need to stand there awhile while she or he figures out how the coupon works within the hotel's computer system.

    Also, if they try to tell you that they don't take it, ask to see a manager.

    Some people get lazy and don't want to give discounts so they tell the people they are not available- and most people believe them and accept the high price.

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    Default One more question

    What exactly do hotels classify as a half day? I'm getting into the city at 10pm, and need to leave again around 5am, so is that a half day, or not? Would showing up at midnight be better?

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