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    Hey! My friend and I are going on a road trip and we have no idea where we are going or what we are doing except that we are going to head south through the states. ANY and all advice would be appreicated as well as fun, exciting things we should do, any strange sites we sould see?? We are looking for a unique trip so help us out! THANKS!

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    Default Starting point?

    I have no idea what to suggest unless you give us a starting point, at the very least.

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    Default road trip suggestions

    As a 24 year old woman who has been driving around the US for the better half of the last year, with a huge portion of it being alone, my inclination is to make suggestions on safety and precautions as opposed to destinations. You'll get plenty of those from other people.
    Once you decide where you are going, use maps with your routes highlighted. On the internet you can get step by step printed directions from places like MapBlast. I know it sounds boring, but there is no place to be more vulnerable than when you are lost.
    Learn some basic repairs/upkeep for your car. Not only is getting something fixed going to be twice as expensive on the road, but as women you are more likely to be taken advantage of in the auto shop as well as stranded on the side of the highway. Of course, don't forget the basic road safety package (they actually have some great ones at stores like WalMart that are all put together for you. Typically, you only have to add theing like batteries, an extra flashlight, some basic tools like screwdrivers and pliers, and maybe a few more first aid supplies).
    Don't go on a roadtrip without a cell phone with satellite coverage. They rarely seem to lose service in any area. Also, make arrangements with someone at home that you will call in at certain points (every new destination, every few days, whatever), that will either be home or has an answering machine, and always call in when agreed. If that person dosen't hear from you for any reason, they know to start trying to locate you immediatley, not at the end of your trip. Also, it's a good idea to leave your intinerary with someone at home. It can be more fun (sometimes less!) to plan a road trip around friends and family you have in other states. It gives you a free place to stay at times, as well as the oppertunity to experience the little places that tourists often overlook.
    Once you have a route in mind, research hotels along that route, and make a general intinerary including hotels you plan to stay along the way. It really sucks trying to find a hotel at 3am in a town you've never been in.
    In larger cities you plan to stop in, try to find some info about that city, especially areas that it best for you to avoid. I've been wondering around cities and suddenly I was in a place I didn't want to be. Especially with out of town plates and a truck bed full of luggage.
    I have millions of other less obvious suggestions that I know I only learned through experienceing and wishing I had known (you are more than welcome to email me). It may seem like it's putting a damper on the "wildness" of your trip, but I've been on those as well. Feeling safe and prepared before you drive your first mile goes a long way, and you can always change your initial plans. Have a lot of fun, there are very few experiences in the world than taking a road trip.
    Also, dig deeper than the usual tourist traps. Think of what interests the both of you, and try to find the unique parts of this country that you will never forget. There are some amazing places out there. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

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    Default PLAN "B"


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    Default DID IT too

    I did this some years ago alone by motorcycle with only the head west idea. No real planning on where to stop ect. Even though I was a women traveling alone my safety suggestions are different then the previous writer because I don't like to plan. I would stop earlier in the day if you're exploring an area, like before dinner. If you plan to wait until midnight to stop call ahead for a hotel or campsite. Beware if a motel asks you if you are staying the WHOLE night it means they are not in the sleeping room business (really happened). Beware of going places with lone males like out on the boat but don't be afriad to detour for a good party or friends you met recently. Some of the best times I had were with relative strangers because I was traveling alone-just keep it in lots of company or the public domain. Camp- some of the friendliest people from 9-90 are at campsites. Eat local-maybe it will be lousy but at least it will be different. Head off the beaten path if you really want to see things but don't miss the really biggies even if you are not a fan sometimes it can be fun to celebrate seeing the Mississipi or New Orleans. Make sure your friend has a similiar idea about what the trip is and a similiar timeline it will make it better. Also HAVE FUN !

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    HAVE FUN!!!

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    Default A Must

    Goblin Valley State Park in central Utah by the town of Price
    It will blow your mind away.

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