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    Default Car Rental - have you heard of these people?


    I've been looking around for good deals to lease a car for a 5 month road trip across America - I have received a really good quote from a company called Autoteam Car Rental ( Trouble is, being English myself, I haven't heard of them - could anyone tell me if they've heard of them and are they pretty good / reliable?


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    imported_Megan Guest


    Sorry, I have not heard of them.

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    Default Industry Response


    There are a number of boutique travel agencies like this one (several are discussed elsewhere on this Forum) springing up to meet the vehicle rental market not served by the major rental companies. Unfortunately, we have never received feedback from customers for any of them. Odds are -- they perform a good service, but we just don't know.

    Use the search funtion on this forum and enter car rentals -- to see other threads dealing with this issue.

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    Default Who?

    I've never heard of them. I worked for Hertz years ago. I rent from Enterprise. They'll match prices and I get exceelent rates and service. National is also good.

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