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Thread: nv, ut or az

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    imported_Silvia Guest

    Default ut, az, nv

    we are planning to go to ut, az or nv for about 4 days in july. but unfortunately its gonna be a really cheap trip. but nevertheless we wanna experience resp. see something. nice would be like a trip by horse in utah or to see the grand canyon.
    so, if anybody can give us some ideas about what to see, cheap hostels, trips by horse or about the grand canyon, that would be great. we are very open for all suggestions.


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    I wouldn't bother with Nevada, its a waste of money. The grand canyon isn't that grand. I would go to Utah, and see Zion National Park and other places.

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    Jody Guest

    Default Grand Canyon IS grand!!

    I guess it's subjective, but I've been all over the world and the Grand Canyon is still the most incredible thing I've seen (and I have been to some amazing places...). It will be hot and crowded, but if this is your chance to go, do NOT miss it. Just plan for the conditions. Make calls in advance. You can camp or hotel off-park, save money and drive in. I've hiked and ridden mules to the bottom. If you can, take the mules, make a reservation to overnight at Phantom Ranch, and back the next day. But reserve NOW! The Grand Canyon is one of America's most busy parks, and for good reason.

    Don't be like the bus tours that only spend a couple of hours there. You can spend several days,easy. It looks differerent in different light, different times of day. One of God's great masterpieces.

    (Also a cool IMAX film about canyon exploration)

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    Default One of the best!

    I agree. A few years ago I spent 31 days in the gorge. The entire month of May to be exact. Just scratched the surface of places to explore.

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    thanx a lot, guys. but unfortunately we won't go there anymore. our new aim is l.a. for my friend could covince to go to ca.

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