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    Jimmy D Guest

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    I am in need of advice and hope someone can help.

    I'm planning a roadtrip from Nov 03-Apr 04 starting in San Francisco and finishing in Miami - I have been quoted approx $3500 for a Ford Escort Sedan 1997.

    I'm not the greatest when it comes to cars and durability but would this car be suitable for my trip - and does the price seem ok??

    I would appreciate any kind of guidance. Thanks

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    KC Guy Guest


    Do not///I repeat///do not get a Ford Escort. Trust me..I own one. Continuos problems with it and very little power for mountains/large hills. Overheating can definitely be a problem.

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    Default and (Kelly Blue Book) are very good websites to research used cars on.

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    You might find some useful information at the other "car advice" thread:

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