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    Default LA to Chicago, I 70 to 80, or I 40 time wise???

    my friend and i are planning to move to Chicago from LA. i have done a trip cross country from various cities a few times so sight seeing isn't to much of a highlight. last time i drove here was from Cleveland and took the southern route, am wondering if I's-70/76/80 would be faster?? either way, we are tag teaming the driving and going to avoid excessive stops, only to sleep when we are both in need. thanks guys!!

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    Default I-70 to I-80

    The mountain route in the summer tends to be the fastest (I-70 and I-80)

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    Default I-70 road delays

    You might experience delays near Vail, Colorado on I-70. You might want to check the Colorado Department of Transportation website news before you leave if you are taking I-70.


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