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    Default Vancouver to Denver in four days or less

    We are moving (with our two dogs) from Vancouver, BC to Denver, CO and need to get there in about four days, later this month. We are trying to avoid crossing WA borders, maybe drive east and then cross around northern Idaho. Any suggestions with regard to routes? Thanks.

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    Default Why?

    What is your concern with Washington's border crossings?

    I have used both of the crossings into northern Idaho several times in recent years, (but neither since 9/11). Sandpoint is a fun town for a quick stop and relaxation. If you are camping -- we know a dog-friendly campground at Sagle -- Fox Farm RV Resort. Plenty of trees and dogs can play in the lake.

    Fastest route after that is I-90 to I-15 to I-70 and on to Denver. Alternatively, I-90 across southern Montana and then I-25 thru Wyoming and into Denver. Depending on your interest, four days would allow a drive through Yellowstone and Jackson NPs, maybe even the Flaming Gorge and Dinasaur Natl monument enroute to Craig over the Continental Pass (for a real treat squeeze in Rocky Mtn NP) and then south to Denver.

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