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    Ryan Guest


    Hi. What are some of your favourite cities and NPs in Canada, the US, and Mexico?

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Pittsburgh, New York City
    Canyonlands & Great Basin National Parks

    Montreal & Nelson
    Banff & Kokanee Glacier

    San Felipe
    Haven't been to any NP in Mexico yet

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Favorite cities and NPs

    Cities: Vancouver/Victoria, BC; Seattle, WA; San Diego, CA; Durango, CO; & San Antonio, TX. In Mexico, Hermosillo. I guess I'm just a western boy!

    NP's? Grand Canyon, of course; all the parks in southern Utah especially Zion NP; Gettysburg Natl Miltary Park; Jasper/Banff and the Waterton/Glacier Natl Parks.

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