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    I am planning to have a week-long (one-way) road trip from Chicago to San Diego in July or August. Which route I should take-- I-90, I-80, or I-70? I heard a bunch of bad comments about I-70 via Kansas and loads of good things about I-90, but I-90 seems a bit off the direction since I am going south and I would like to get to San Diego within 7 or 8 days. Any suggestions? Any places along the way that are the must's I have to stop? Thanks!

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    Default chicago to san diego

    i drove last summer from cleveland to LA did it as a solo drive and it was pretty bad ass. i have done the east to west road trip porbably 5 times in the past taking different routes, and i suggest the southern route. go through missouri, TX, AZ, you can hit up vegas for a few days then head south to SD. it will be fun, gorgeous and worth your time. if you don't stop off anywhere to sight see, probably a 4 day drive. i stopped in ABQ for 2 days to see a friend, Vegas for 2 to see family and was here in 7 days. FUN!!! hey... i am moving to chicago in july, any advice??

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