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    Default Florida to San Francisco, CA

    I want to plan a cross-country trip with my husband and two boys (8 & 10) for summer 2004. We know we have to budget and plan the trip to the very details. At this point we have no idea how to begin planning. I just got back from San Francisco, CA, and I loved it so much that I would like my family to visit. This time around I want to drive, and on my way there I want to stop at the most popular attractions. If anyone has some advise as to how to begin planning, please feel free to contact me. We love adventure, and Florida has been a great place to begin, but we're ready to expand our horizon.

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    Default Time Frame?

    Summer 2004 ---
    I am barely aware that Summer 2003 is nearly here. How long will you have for this epic road trip? Without many side trips, the distance covered will easily exceed 7000 miles and a more reasonable allowance will tip the scales closer to 8,000 miles.

    If you were to average 400 miles per day, it would still take twenty days to cover that much territory. If you have only 14 days for the roadtrip and want to mix in some hiking and/or lounging around San Francisco you will need to average closer to 700 miles on the 10 days or so you drive. Now, I have driven from Palm Beach to San Franciso in three days, it is possible, but brutal. That is still a minimum of six days driving nearly non-stop. Not very relaxing!

    Best planning advice -- get a large wall map and mount in the family room and stick pins on all of the places that sound interesting and after you have about 100 places, narrow it to ten -- You will have a route!

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    I have mapped the trip from West Palm Beach, FL to San Francisco, CA several times, several different ways. I am coming up with about 3,000 miles. How is it that it took you 7,000 to 8,000 miles to get there?

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    I'm assuming it was a round trip with sightseeing detours.

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