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    imported_Chris Guest

    Default Detroit to Portland in three days


    Three of my friends and I plan to drive a honda civic hybrid from Detroit to Portland Oregon this July. Are there any quick routes that anybody could recommend? We are some pretty patient guys, but do you think that making it across the country in three days is a little ambitious? We plan on rotating drivers and going pretty much flat out.
    Thank you very much.


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    kristy Guest

    Default 3 days

    i make it from long island new york to spokane washington in 3 days by myself so i am sure you can make it from detroit to portland in 3 days with 3 drivers!!good luck and have fun

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    Default That ought to be

    That is flying -- I figure you average 15 hours each day for driving? If you were a commercial truck driver, you would be breaking the law. Why the need for such speed?

    The interesting thing is the difference between these two routes is only 197 miles and the journey to Portland will be slower due to the greater incidence of on-going construction projects en-route.

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    Default How many miles per gallon?

    The biggest advantage you might have over another set of drivers, is that you should be able to stop less frequently for fuel.

    The fastest routes will be Interstate following I-94 to I-80 to I-5. For some interesting detail about I-94 check out

    The most current construction information can be obtained from the re-built MSN mapping site (can be very helpful for re-routing ideas)

    If you go "flat-out" and rotate drivers, you make this distance in under two days.

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    kristy Guest

    Default breaking the law

    wow i never realized what a rebel i am!! i usually only drive like that on the way to seattle when i am in a rush to see my family. on the way back i take lots of time!! i usually do 17 hours the first day, 14 the 2nd day and 12 the third give or take. also depends on if i visit friends on the way. i am not real big on scenery or taking my time.


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