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    Default Safety of KOA Campgrouds


    I am a 24 year old female about to enbark on a cross country adventure across the US by myself. Although I have friends to stay with in some states I will still need to find a place in certain states. I have heard about the KOA campgrounds and they seem like a great place to stay for a cheap price. However, since I am travelling alone my main concern is safety. I wanted to see if you guys knew about the safety of the KOA campgrounds. Also, would you think I would be better off sleeping in a tent at KOA or just sleeping in my car?

    Any information you can help me with would be appreciated!

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    Default Safety is relative

    KOA is just one company providing campgrounds around the USA, there are literally thousands of campgrounds available -- some managed by various governmental units and some private. Generally, we would chacterize all as being "safe" -- one has to excercise reasonable care. As far as tent sleeping vs car sleeping -- I am unaware of any private campground that will tolerate sleeping in car (unless -- it is a RV). Just about every campground (private or public) has tenting areas. KOA's are not generally "cheap". State and Regional parks are far les expensive.

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