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    Default Driving thru Colorado

    I'm planning a trip late July from Chicago to Las Vegas (3 days and 2 nights). I really want to avoid driving through the mountains at night. Does anyone know how many hours to drive from Northe Platte, NE to Grand Junction, CO?
    And if anyone has made a similar trip (also avoiding mountain night driving), what places would you recommend for night lodging between Chicago and Las Vegas?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Depends on how fast you go

    I know that the subject heading of this message seems obtuse, but seriously the distance between North Platte and Grand Junction is about 504 miles. Depending upon the time of day (you hit Denver) and the route you follow thru the mountains, that distance could take as long as 11 hours and as short as 8.

    If you follow I-70 (the most direct) and your car can pull the grade at interstate speeds, you can expect to cover this distance in about 8 hours. It is a gorgeous route. Have fun!

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