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    imported_Leah Guest

    Default Need route help...

    I'm moving back to Seattle from NYC next month and I have invited a friend along to make the trek west. I want the quickest route possible but at the same time, I'm a photographer so I'd like the prettiest/most interesting route as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to go??? Please help.


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    imported_John Guest

    Default Nice trip...

    <font face="arial" font color="3300CC">
    It's kind of like that cliche, "can't have your cake and eat it." You're not going to get both.<br>
    <i>Quick</i> is taking the freeway, and <i>photogenic</i> is taking backroads. You'll have to mix it up by getting off the freeway every now & then take some rural highways.<p>
    You're not going to see much at all anyway until you get across the midwest plains (Missouri, Kansas,etc.) I would suggest dipping down across Indiana, Illinois, and then across Missouri and Kansas on I-70 which will take you through Colorado and into Utah.<br>
    From there, you can cut up through Boise, Idaho and then up across Oregon and into Washington. That's the way I took back in '96. I would recommend taking the alternate hwy in Colorado that routes you up to Independence Pass (12k Feet elevation!). It brings you back to I-70. I can't remember the name of it, but it's big enough to see on the map.<br>
    I would say this is the quickest route giving you access to some good sites. <br>
    I would also advise driving across Missouri and Kansas during the night, because during the day it will drive <i>you</i>...insane. It is just bare and empty.<br>
    Good luck with the trip! </font>

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    kristy Guest

    Default NY to Sea

    i-80 to I-94 is the quickest way, but through North Dakota there isnt much to see except right before you get to Montana.the theodore roosevelt natl park and painted canyon are there.(Happy angus?) Minnesota doesnt excite me much either but that is just me. If you havent seen Mount Rushmore yet i would take I-90(which splits from i-94/i-90 in wisconsin) through south dakota. also i would do yellowstone and/or glacier nat'l parks if you havent seen them yet either. colorado and utah are beautiful but if you are in a rush they are a bit out of the way. takes more than a few days to really appreciate colorado and utah. I do the Ny/sea trip at least once a year and switch from I-94 to I-90 depending on length of trip and time of year so i can answer any questions for you. good luck and have fun. watch out for the cops in montana, contrary to popular belief there really is a speed limit and it isnt 95!!!

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    is I-90 very scenic? planning a trip from seattle to east coast and wondering which route to take. but would like a scenic one!

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