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    Stan Lee Guest

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    Well, the budjet has changed. I am now planning 10 weeks on the road. Going from National Park to Park. I already have a Golden Eagle pass and I plan on camping for the majority of the time. Will $450 per week sustain me. I would like to take a few excursions (horse back riding, white water rafting etc..) that will cost extra. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    lilbluedolphin Guest

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    I was just wondering, what is the Golden Eagle pass? I'm also planning a road trip and pointers are welcome.

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

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    To answer this, and the question you asked in another thread, NP is shorthand for "National Parks" and the Golden Eagle is one of a number of passes sold by the National Parks Service. You can see complete information on national park access passes by going to

    May I suggest you review all of the threads on this web sites as part of your educational effort? That will provide a huge amount of information to you and may suggest directed questions you can post pertinent to your needs.

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