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    Default Traveling Route 66 and US-80

    In a couple of years, I want to travel Route 66 to L.A. and US-80 back to Savannah. Can you tell me of interesting sights not too far off these roads? Also could you tell me about how much money it would take for this trip considering I want to be on the road about 3 months?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default 2005 -- Fuel Prices ~ $3/gal

    A road trip in 2005-- unless you have a good crystal ball it is pretty hard to predict costs, especially if fuel prices continue to spiral up. The easiest way to guage prices of a roadtrip is to simply assume it can require everything you have. If only have $500 per month, you can do a great road trip. On the other hand, I have done road trips, (in the United States) that cost well over $50,000 a month. (A large corporation was pay the way on the $50-K trip!)

    There are some excellent guides for road trippin' on the two highways you mentioned. By tomorrow, I will publish a Rte 66 resource page (I will add the link here when it is live). But for a quick look at one such resource check out For US-80, check out

    Don't misses would include Sitgreaves Pass on Rte 66 and Joe T's restuarant in Ft. Worth on US-80.

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