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    Default Colorado to Alaska in 3 days

    Today I overheard a woman explain that she was planning to drive from Gunnison, Colorado to Fairbanks, Alaska in approximately 72 hours, going non-stop with four drivers.

    Let's see, that's about 3400 miles. They'd have to average 47 mph (not including pit stops) the entire way.

    I thought she was nuts. Any comments?

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    Default Nuts or just plain crazy

    Tim Vasquez and Shannon Key completed a similar run in a 1995 Honda Accord in May 1999, but they drove from Dallas to Fairbanks and did it in a mere 6 days, (excellent log and site at

    Using NavTech's database that would be 3292 miles and I know that top-out flat flying speed on certain sections will be 40 mph. I would seriously doubt anyone driving that distance could make it in less than 90 hours. A more reasonable rate would be ten days.

    It is great to see you posting comments here again, it has been too long...

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    Default Alaska Highway

    It's possible yeah. You can fly on some parts of the Alaska Highway, especially before tourist season when there aren't so many RVs blocking your way and slowing you down. (For you readers with RVs and campers: pull over and let people pass.) The only things you'd have to slow down for are the occasional construction zones where the road is gravel, but there aren't too many of those and the longest gravel stretch was about 7 miles when I drove through. You'll also need to slow down for the occasion towns, Grande Prairie, AB, Dawson Creek, BC, Whitehorse, YK (neat little city), etc. During the summer it's constantly light out when you're sufficiently far north. Bring sunglasses or something for sleeping. So yeah, I honestly think it can be done. The only issue is why drive it that quickly? There is so much to see and do along the way: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Waterton Lakes, Banff NP, Jasper, Kluane NP and Kluane Lake (absolutely gorgeous!), and don't forget to stop at Liard hot springs in northern British Columbia, it is a very relaxing stop. You'll smell like sulfur after the swim, but its worth it. watson Lake, Yukon is a bizarre place. The road sign forest there is crazy. Oh yeah, this is hilarious, there is an Elvis impersonator in the Yukon that drives this old Dodge around selling stuff along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon. I met him at a campground on Kluane Lake. Interesting guy.

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