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    Default heading west

    I posted this in response to another thread but thought I should post it as it's own thead as well... I forgot to mention in the original post that I am mostly a vegetarian (eat fish)...

    I am planning a trip, basically for fun, from Southern Wisconsin, through Colorado, Los Angeles (where I will be visiting friends) and then either Mexico or a drive up to Oregon or Washington (have friends in Seatle and Portland) - I may drive South to Texas first....

    I'm looking at June or July for this, depends on the tour dates of a friends band and when my job comes to an end - long story.

    I will be travelling with my dog (a youngish black lab).

    As all my friends are committed by work, school, other plans (this is a spur of the moment decision, and I've always wanted to drive/camp to CA), I am tentatively looking for a travel companion in a similar position. I like guys just fine, but tend to prefer talking with women - as this will be a long trip, conversation may turn out to be important.

    I like to read, travel (just got back from England/Scotland), play music (will probably bring an acoustic guitar), camp, hike, see live music, bike (may bring my mountain bike, but with the dog I don;t know if I will have many opportunities to bike), I like alt/drone/math/punk rock and would prefer to travel with a music lover.

    I am reasonably informed on a variety of geopolitical issues, and certainly have an opinion about most things (haha) but I also like to laugh at myself - oh, and I'm usually pretty quiet in the morning until I've had my coffee...

    I'd like to try to find an interesting, educated, opinionated, active person (who doesn't mind that I smoke) and if this sounds selective, the ideal person would also be selective.

    Safety and trust are also big issues, we should talk on the phone at least, additionally, I have a bunch of really cool friends (female and male) that would certainly vouch for my personal morals and ethics - ask for references!

    I've probably left something out, but we'll see what sort of response this gets - oh, and if you have an agenda (need to be a place at a certain time, that might be "doable." although I would prefer someone who was coming back east after the trip as well (for the company, I am a reasonable social creature! - ha!)

    Thanks for reading if you got this far! I'm 29, professional and fun-loving.

    And the car I'm taking is a '99 Subaru Outback Impreza Sport - four door/AC/All wheel drive/cruise, plenty of cargo space....

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    you probably left already....or pussed out but in the event that you're as (good) crazy as you sound...I love music of the "rock"persuation more then i do most people. i'm a singer of the most cherished ska varietybut any-hoo when are you headed back east? Im in WA and am planning on headin' east soon.My right foot hasn't stopped iching since i got off the road and the cops hear get a little shall we say...."uptight" when you try to do 80 in the 6 blocks to the store.23...girl......perfectly poised...with excellent breeding...i come with papers and every thing.LOL any way good luck.

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    Default in addition to..

    this is crazy!

    what fools would do this?

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    henry poittier Guest


    &gt; this is crazy!<BR>
    &gt; <BR>
    &gt; what fools would do this? <BR>

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    Default Seeking adventure is not going to Disneyland

    What could be crazy for some -- is perfectly normal for others. While we have some concerns about their choices -- the only fools we know are those who never try something crazy.


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    Right on mark!!!! Thanks.I guess it can be scary to those who endeavor to get it all from the comfort of their living rooms.there are smart safe ways to do just about everything as long as you have your head on right.

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    Default RoadTrips are supposed to be challenging

    A family roadtrip doesn't have to the rigors of a Vision Quest, to be memorable, but it does afford the opportunity to see reality from a different perspective. There are a number of posts, on this forum, about the dangerous behavior of picking up hitch-hikers engaged in cross country touring -- I don't recommend it -- but it is an element of what draws me to roadtripping.

    As is stated above -- this is a moderated forum -- everyone has to "play nice" and be kind and gentle with all points of view or their posting is subject to being vaporized...

    Thanks, everyone.

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