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    Joshua Guest

    Default Music!!!

    Hello, as most of you know by now...5 friends and I are taking a road trip next spring break from Bay City to California and the surrounding areas. I would just like to ask everyone what music they feel would be great to take on the trip. I already have some ideas...such as my many live Phish albums. Also, which Grateful Dead albums would be good? Any suggestions or ideas for roadtrip music would be appreciated! If you just feel like listing your favorite road trip music that would be cool too. Thanks a lot guys! peace

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    Sammy Jenkis Guest

    Default Road Trippin' Tunes

    Can't go wrong with the Dead or a Phish show or two. I would also get together some Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo/Wilco, some Yonder Mountain String Band, some Leftover Salmon, String Cheese Incident, Dylan, Guthrie, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Jerry Jeff Walker, Townes Van Zandt, Robert Earl Keen, Lucinda Williams just to name the bare necessities.

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    Thanks! Great bands you have listed there.

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    Default A Fledgling Section

    We started an early version for an expanded section on RoadTrip America for road music postings. It is at

    Plus Angus Bangus & fellow roadtrippers have posted a number of tunes at

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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default Allman Brothers

    My favorite road music involves the pairing of two Allman Brothers recordings - "Live At The Fillmore East" and "Eat A Peach". The music works best in the Deep South, but since it is all good highway blues, you can play it almost anywhere.

    A tip - play "Eat A Peach" first, but save "Mountain Jam" for later. Put on "Fillmore", play it all the way through, then switch back to "Peach" and play "Mountain Jam". For those who know, "Whippin' Post" and "Mountain Jam" are essentially one continuous song, lasting about an hour.

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    Awesome man, I'm really into Phish just as you are into the Allman Brothers. Anything live by Phish is enough for me, and also the GRateful Dead. peace out

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    Justuin Guest

    Default Classic Roadtrip Albums

    Two albums that always put me in the mood for a roadtrip:

    America - History
    Buffalo Springfield - Best of...Retrospective

    Both of these are great, classic rock albums. I think I liken to road trips so much because my folks would always put them on when we went out on the road


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    Awesome man. To me, the music is really love I have listened to in some of the best moments in my life, and every time I listen to those songs I remember the good times. Peace

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